Amalfi to Cape Town

In an innovative collaboration fusing art and fashion in a retail space, this collection of paintings compliments the launch of Jigsaw’s new summer range. Both collections are inspired by landscapes; Jigsaw’s from Amalfi to Morocco being evocative of holiday destinations, whilst my paintings connect with landscapes significant to my personal history, much of which was spent on the wild coastlines of South Africa.

Painted since returning from a recent visit, these paintings explore the uplifting aspects of familiarity, reunion and peace in colours that evoke much more than just the visual, and where a sense of smell engages memory more acutely in the saltiness of the sea or the velvety scent of warm roses in the vineyards near Cape Town.

The science that qualifies smell and its close association with memory is a subject I instinctively explore and have since researched.

Jigsaw, Liverpool 1

12 -24 May 2011