Fragile Migrations

The paintings are about renewal.

This work explores the notion that identity is shaped by Homeland. Many immigrants who have made the transition in a global migratory sense still have roots elsewhere. However much adapted and embracing new cultures and opportunities, it is impossible to erase a sense of belonging from where we came. And for some, it’s not about economic opportunity nor fleeing as refugees, it’s about not living in fear of deadly crime.

Without sentiment, I have engaged with memory through the sense of smell to connect with the landscape from my past. Bush fires on our farm heightened a sense of danger and natural order at the same time. (Snakes and Ladders)

The opposite of this is a controlled marina in a strange and populated land where the sun didn’t shine much and the waves were low and flat and far away. I was a stranger in a strange land for many years. (Marina I and II)

February 2014
The Powerhouse, 413 S 14th St Oxford, MS 38655, North Mississippi, USA

June 2014
Crosstown, 422 430 N Cleveland, TN 38104, Memphis, USA