Sanctuary: Private retreat, innermost recess – these paintings reference the “private rooms” in my life where a connection with landscape occurs in places that are powerful and yet are quietly spiritual.

The paintings reference British landscapes which are places of personal refuge within an urban environment being both public and private spaces, alongside wild, unchanged and unpopulated places on the Wild Coast in South Africa, significant to my personal history.

Through abstract landscape painting I explore the sensation of place using the intrinsic qualities of paint in combination with the drawn mark, the poured and the brushed. Using opposites of oil and water, texture and line is managed in free experiment in order to connect with the essence of the sound, smell or feel of a wave, a willow, a cliff, the sun.

University of Liverpool, The Lodge, 12 Sefton Park Road, Liverpool L8 3SL

22 January – 2 April 2014