Coastal Boundaries

Coastal Quartet exhibition

I am interested in the tidal force and energy that challenge coastal boundaries. Beach, cliff, rock face and pebble all divert the sea. Extreme weather, tides and locations have influenced my choice of subject matter so that the juxtaposition of high velocity contrasts with quiet peace.

The sensorial aspects of these places are important considerations where paint application and mark-making are experimented with to demonstrate the sound of a wave crashing against an ancient and rugged cliff face echoing silently, or the or the taste of salty wind on a vast and empty beach at low tide.

Whilst these are real places that form part of my personal history, often places on the Wirral Peninsula and in South Africa, I try to create an everyman response by abstracting them so that sensation overrides reality.

Staacks Gallery, West Kirby, Cheshire

September 2015